Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

summer wishlist

I'm currently planning my summer holidays, which will be in italy and I really can't wait for that.
What I love the most beside looking for cute hotels and lovely places to eat or visit is to collect fashion inspiration while discovering and scrolling through new online shops.
One of my new favourites: romwe!
I especially love their dresses and I'm already dreaming of wearing one of these, strolling barefoot along the beach, sipping a cool drink or watching the sunset.
You can find my favourite pieces below. 
Each of the items you can find in this online shop has a unique character and I'm sure they offer styles for everyone's taste.
Which one is your favourite product? 

4 Kommentare :

  1. Oh I actually love it all! Thanks for sharing dear



  2. Der schwarz- weiß gestreifte Rock ganz unten ist der Hammer!
    Wäre mega cool, wenn Du damit einen Blog Beitrag machst! :-)

  3. http://www.sobellanursery.com/

    I’m totally in love with your style!


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